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By Chris van Willigen, 22 february 2022

Holistic approach of Ayurveda

Differently than the different medical systems such as allopathic or homeopathy, Ayurveda no medical system, but the science of life and of high old age is.

What is Ayurveda?

Literally Ayurveda mean: Ayus- age, life, high old age and Veda mean knowledge.

The term Ayurveda has been based on the combined study of body, senses, spirit and soul. The balance is related to health and sickness. Homeostasis of the inner self are considered as absent are of sickness. The knowledge of Ayurveda is eternal. The origin of sickness and incapacity dates from the same time as the origin of living himself. The fight between the sickness provoking elements and the elements which heal sicknesses/preventions must be already took pace is from the beginning of living.

The exact beginning of Ayurveda is not determine exactly but one believes that the original texts 10 millions had strofen in thousands of chapters. Ayurveda are very systematic and it exceeds in many manners modern medicine because Ayurveda have been oriented on health and modern medicine aims mainly at sickness. Modern medicine lays now just the emphasis on the role of the spirit for sickness and health, whereas the basics approach in Ayurveda has included always body, spirit and soul. Ayurveda higher are considered than the other Veda because it acts concerning life, health and high old age. Only with a healthy body it is possible all accomplish tasks in living.

4x Strong Pillars in Ayurveda

Ayurveda the science of the total health care has been based on the strong pillars of positive health united in the role of: 

  1. Behavior and life style
  2. Ideas
  3. Human ambulatory
  4. Diet and food habit 

By laying the emphasis on the promotion of the positive health by the balance between body and spirit, the approach in Ayurveda has been extended and beneficial.

Two types therapies in Ayurveda

In the Ayurveda the emphasis is laid on both preventive and the healing aspects. Its strength is the promotion of health by the prevention of sicknesses. 

There are two types therapies: 

  • 1. Therapy which promotes the capacitance of health (the prevention of sicknesses)
  • 2. Therapy which the complaints diminish.

The most important talks in the Ayurveda are high old age and the promotion of the health care. The advantages of the promotion are among others: high lage, a good memory, intelligence, free is of impairments, youthfully old, an excellent brilliance, dye become and voice, optimum strength of senses and body construction, well spoken, and have nice look and talent.

The spirit, the itself and the body form together a tripod on which the live world stands. That live personal body is the point of consideration in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda: Three types of diets

The Ayurveda give the description of three types diet us, namely: Satva, Rajas and Tamas. Satva-dieet are considered as the best diet and contain fresh fruit, vegetables, honey, yoghourt etc. Rajas-dieet are for he that heavy physical work do and contain many proteïnen including several types flesh, broad beans, etc. whereas Tamas-dieet contain strongly seasoned and impure food. It is considered detrimental for health. Regular, moderate, physical exercises and yoga are also called in the Ayurveda as essential components of the preventive approach of positive health.

The most important approach in the Ayurveda the prevention of sicknesses by diet, physical exercise and yoga that different manners of mental entertainment have been contained. In the Ayurveda very clear descriptions of the different causes of sicknesses are. Many sicknesses can be prevented by avoiding the causes of sicknesses. In the Ayurveda stands for example mentioned that heart sicknesses are caused by eating and too much food. But also by much admitting to sleep, much sitting and worry. Not well an uncomfortable bed and sleep-false-driven even digest healthiest food, of which the correct quantity is eaten, by anxiety, grieve, fear, anger. For this reason one must ensure health and protection against additional impact heart and aureole lying veins; moreover one must avoid the causes of both it physical and of the mental suffering. Unique of Ayurveda is that it not only looks at to people as limited entirely of biochemical processes.

It not only examines the spirit as a function of the brain. Ayurveda consider the human soul as pure conscience linked with, but do not restrict to, body spirit complex that the instrument is of event. For this reason the Ayurveda are holistics a science of living and high old age. 


Source: Surya Products C. van Willigen Publisher and author (s) declare that the text has been compiled carefully and to the best of its wishes. However, they can not guarantee the completeness of the text or any errors; Therefore, they do not accept any liability for any damage whatsoever resulting from actions and / or decisions based on the content of such text.

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